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Simdean Group have a track record of providing innovative technical solutions to odour control and waste elimination problems.

As a leading contractor in the field of industrial air pollution control we have developed a variety of solutions for problems that occur in the field.

Such solutions incorporate the use of wet chemical absorption techniques using gas scrubbers, physical adsorption using activated carbon and other adsorbents, biological techniques such as bio filtration, bio scrubbing and bio trickling filters. Examples of our approach to the solutions of a number of scenarios are given below.

odour control plant
Environmental pollution and degradation take place in all sorts of ways, with in....
Carbon adsorber
Odours from organic compounds found in general air pollution and process emissio....
We define a scrubber as a waste gas treatment installation in which a gas stream....
Bio filter spray bed
Biofiltration is a relatively new pollution control technology. It is an attract....
Service & Maintenance Contracts A core element of our offering to clients is a servicing and maintenance solution for each of the systems we design and install. By offering contracts across the full range of our solutions we ensure that every system we....