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Meet the team: Gary Slater, Project Manager at Simdean Group Ltd

Posted: 21/06/2019
Author: Simdean
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Gary took up his current role with Simdean in 2016 and has extensive experience across a range of sectors including food manufacturing, chemicals, print and packaging heating and ventilation.

He said: “I am responsible for the efficient running and organisation of odour abatement projects within the group, from inception though to final handover. I am also involved in pre-contract sales from the initial design of a project to completion and I’m a main point of contact for our customers.”

Gary moved to Simdean from parent company Operational Group, where he previously spent several years working with clients on environmental and thermal engineering solutions. This included working with bakeries on the design, manufacture, installation and optimisation of baking equipment including coolers, provers, ovens and air systems.

Gary currently lives in Sale in Greater Manchester. As a youngster, he attended Sale West School before beginning his career as an engineering apprentice with Shell Chemicals UK Ltd. Carrington.

He said: “I began my engineering career in the chemical industry and completed my apprenticeship at a large multi-national chemical company, Shell based in Carrington. The Carrington site took naphtha (crude oil) via pipeline from the Stanlow Refinery near Ellesmere Port and cracked it down into light fuel oils, detergents, gasses and components for manufacturing materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene.”

As an apprentice, Gary attended a number of technical colleges over four years at Wythenshawe, North Trafford and Blackburn, and attained his engineering qualifications.

His apprenticeship was followed by a number of years employed at Shell, working first as a site maintenance technician then in the drawing office as design draughtsman.

He later moved to Henry Simon Engineering in Stockport as a project engineer for contracts in sectors in the food industry. Contracts included designing and manufacturing flour milling equipment and systems.

Later he joined an engineering contracting company based in Bolton where he worked as a project engineer on various large fume extraction and filtration contracts. His valuable industrial experience and expertise includes design, manufacture, installation and optimisation of odour and emission abatement systems for clients in sectors such as water and waste-water treatment, pharmaceutical laboratories, universities and print and packaging.

His breadth of industrial experience, bespoke engineering expertise and quality customer service from start-to-finish illustrates why Simdean and Operational Group are leaders in the field.

In his spare time, Gary enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking in the Lake District, Pennines and North Wales, and occasional sailing, which he first sampled as a teenager. He recently enjoyed a sailing adventure in Sweden. He is an assistant leader with the 9th Sale Scouts Group and has helped his local Scouts for 20 years.

Music is another interest. He plays guitar and banjo in a five-piece folk ceilidh band called Enoch’s Hammer.

He explained: “The band’s name goes back to the early days of the industrial revolution in Marsden, when a group of Luddites used hammers to smash new mill equipment which they feared would destroy their jobs. The story goes that they smashed mill equipment made by an engineering firm owned by Enoch Taylor which, coincidentally, also made the hammers they used! There’s also a strong beer from Yorkshire with the same name.”

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