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Odour Control System

Inefficient odour control system

Dublin, Ireland

Odour Control System

Automatic Simdean system replaces old unit and reduces odour complaints to zero

A local authority waster department in Ireland were receiving numerous complaints from residents living in the vicinity of their waste transfer station. The station’s odour control system, designed around a biofilter, was not operating efficiently and Simdean were invited to propose an alternative.

Our solution, which was accepted, was a system based on the use of:

  • Reverse jet cartridges to remove any particulates
  • Annular carbon adsorbers to remove the odour from exhaust gases pulled from the waste transfer station’s buildings

Since the commissioning of the Simdean system, no odour complaints have been received from residents. The Simdean solution operates automatically and has a fully-monitored SCADA supervisory control system to allow the plant to be operated remotely.

Because of our in-house fabrication facilities and design experience, we were able to offer the client a fully-tailored turnkey operation for the installation of the system.

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