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Simdean have recently successfully installed and commissioned an odour control plant at a Waste transfer Station. The station which takes in general domestic waste is housed in a single building with building volume of approximately 15,000 m³.

The odour control plant was designed to provide approximately 5-6 air change/hour for the whole of the building to prevent egress of odourous air from the building fabric. The odour control plant which comprises a filter for removal of particulate matter from the air stream, followed by a pair of adsorption vessels, consisting of annular carbon beds for odour removal. Extract fans fitted with variable speed drives allow the extraction rate for the building to be varied in line with the operations within the building.

At times of low occupancy / work patterns the extraction rate can be reduced to a minimum thus reducing the overall power demand of the odour control system. The overall plant is capable of dropping the odour levels emitted from the building by more than 95%.

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