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Odour Control Plant
Odour Control Plant

An Irish based waste recycling company awarded Simdean the contract for a new odour control system capable of treating up to 70,000 m3/h of air from the process building. The Simdean system handles an average inlet odour concentration of 5,000 OUEm-3 and removes more than 92% of acidic and basic components.

The system

At the heart of the Simdean system is a single carbon adsorber – the biggest we have ever built. Adsorber support structures, a reverse jet cartridge filter and a control panel were supplied by the client. The adsorber itself, the exhaust fan and all interconnecting ductwork were supplied by Simdean,

Installation was undertaken by the client under Simdean’s overall supervision. Commissioning was handled by Simdean.

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