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Sandwell Municipal Borough Council

Waste transfer hub

Tipton, West Midlands

odour control system
odour control system
odour control system

Simdean have played an important role in helping Sandwell Municipal Borough Council to dramatically improve their waste and recycling services for residents.

Sandwell’s £10 million Eagle Lane waste transfer hub in Tipton, West Midlands, occupies an area of more than 23,500 square metres and relies on an advanced Simdean odour control system to ensure that odour emissions into the atmosphere are within the regulatory requirements. From the very outset highly efficient odour control was considered a vital part of the development, which is located in a densely-populated urban area.

The waste transfer hub is one of several initiatives taken by Sandwell as part of a long-term commitment to providing quicker, more efficient services. It has the capacity to handle up to 200,000 tonnes of waste each year. All rubbish from Sandwell’s residents – including domestic, garden and food waste as well as recycling – is taken to the hub when collection vehicles are full. Materials are then bulked up and sent to either recycling centre processors or waste treatment facilities. The hub currently deals with 1,700 tonnes of waste and recycling each week.

A total package

With vast odour control experience, Simdean were able to offer a complete package of specialist engineering services. These covered design, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning. Through its open, flexible way of working, the company was able to provide access to a highly-integrated, multi-disciplinary technical team that ensured a seamless transition from one aspect of the project to the next.

Technical overview

The waste transfer hub’s system odour control system is based on a reverse jet cartridge filter and carbon adsorbers handling a contaminated air flow rate of 120,000m3/h.

Carbon adsorbers

There are two carbon adsorbers, each of annular design and capable of handling 60,000m3/h of exhaust air. The adsorbers utilise granular activated carbon as the adsorption media.

Reverse jet cartridge filter

This is capable of handling 120,000m3/h of exhaust air and was designed for the removal of dust and particulate matter.

The filter requires a compressed air supply for operation of the automated cleaning system.

Exhaust fans

The system incorporates two fans complete with motors and inverters, each capable of handling 60,000m3/h against 3600 Pa at 20°C.

Ductwork and exhaust stack

External and internal ductwork and an exhaust stack were fabricated and installed by Simdean complete with all necessary brackets, fittings and volume control dampers.

Control panel

The waste transfer hub’s odour control system is operated via a control panel complete with an HMI touch screen and field wiring.


Simdean quality systems for pollution control, storage tanks and process vessels meet ISO 9001 requirements. All are manufactured in accordance with appropriate design and construction codes, principally BS 4994, BS EN12573 and BS EN 1380.

Project outcome

The waste transfer hub was a major installation that drew upon all aspects of Simdean’s odour control expertise.

All stages of the project were completed on time and to cost. The finished system allows the transfer station to operate at maximum efficiency with odour emissions well within the requirements of the regulatory authorities.


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