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Composting Plant Upgrade

Ductwork upgrade

Midlands, UK

Composting Plant Upgrade
Composting Plant Upgrade

After taking over a sizable green and food waste composting business in the Midlands – manufacturers of bark and mulch products – commissioned Simdean to upgrade their acquisition’s exhaust ductwork. Together with a number of composting tunnels, this runs from the waste reception hall and links to a biofilter odour control unit.

The contract was awarded to Simdean largely on the strength of the fabrication side of the company’s business, which has extensive experience of manufacturing tanks, process vessels and ducting for a diverse spread of applications – everything from composting to waste transfer.

The work

The project involved system design, the manufacture of polypropylene ductwork, the provision of a polypropylene exhaust fan and all on-site installation and commissioning.

The exhaust fan was fitted with an inverter drive to allow for variable speed operation and a control panel that linked to the plant’s overall SCADA system.

Design flows

Exhaust fans: 32,000 m3/h
Extract from reception hall: 20,000 m3/h
Extract from combined composting tunnels: 12,000 m3/h

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