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Anaerobic digestion energy plant

Renewable anaerobic digestion energy plant


odour control system
odour control system

This anaerobic digestion (AD) plant offers a clean and renewable form of producing energy. The process takes organic plant and animal materials (including food waste) and digests them using naturally-occurring organisms. The process releases biogas that can then be used to generate renewable power. Left over digestate can also be used as a fertiliser.

The facility can process 50,000 tonnes of organic material a year and is one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the UK.

Simdean supplied and installed the odour control system needed for the plant’s reception areas, associated holding tanks and pasteurisation tanks.

The system

The Simdean system comprises an ammonia scrubber, a hypo scrubber (to remove H2S and sulphonated compounds), duty and standby exhaust fans and an adsorber with a free-standing 35m stack. The system’s volume flowrate is 60,000 m3/h.

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