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About Us

With design, sales and testing facilities based in the UK and representation in a number of countries, Simdean are more than capable of global solutions in the Air Pollution Control field.

In order to solve the general problems of odour removal and air pollution control, Simdean Group have developed a number of practical solutions involving wet and dry scrubbing, biological and adsorbent technologies. We have installed pollution control equipment in over 300 applications using such equipment. Simdean thus have the in-house expertise to progress our client’s requirements from initial enquiry through design to a full turnkey installation

In addition to our activities in the air pollution field, we have extensive experience in the design and supply of custom-built corrosion resistant plant and equipment.
Our engineers have comprehensive knowledge of all forms of Stainless Steel, Plastic and GRP construction and fabrication techniques.

Air Pollution Control Services from Experts:

  • Gas scrubbing and stripping systems up to 250,000 m3/hr for chemical and odour control systems
  • Extraction and ventilation ducting to HVCA DW/154 and better
  • Chemical dosing and pipework systems in a variety of materials
  • Integrally bunded tanks, both plastic and GRP clad
  • Bio Techniques for Odour & VOC removal
  • Adsorption systems for VOC & Odour removal

Quality Standards

Our quality systems for both pollution control systems and storage tanks and process vessels meet ISO 9001 requirements.

All are manufactured in accordance with appropriate design and construction codes, principally BS 4994, BS EN12573 and BS EN 1380.