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Air Pollution and Odour Control Systems, Gas and Chemical Waste Treatment.

We have the knowledge, design, and management capability to solve complex problems.

One of the UK’s foremost environmental engineering specialists

Our expertise includes the design, supply, installation and commissioning of all types of air pollution and airborne odour abatement systems. We are able to provide a turnkey service to suit your specific requirements and ensure the most appropriate system is installed to fulfil all necessary environmental standards.

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Simdean Group has a track record of providing innovative technical solutions to odour control and waste elimination problems.

Simdean pollution control systems have been proven in hundreds of applications to make a real difference to air quality by removing harmful or unpleasant elements, odours and gases at critical production stages. Our skill at preventing dangerous or simply odorous pollutants from escaping into the atmosphere is second to none. On most assignments we operate with more than 99% efficiency.

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Simdean pollution control systems have been proven in hundreds of applications across multiple sectors.

Simdean Group has vast experience of operating in the following industry sectors; Waste Recovery and Recycling, Food Production, Pharmaceutical research and manufacture, General Manufacturing Industries and Waste Water Treatment.
Whilst the majority of our work is in the industry sectors listed above, we can apply our expertise in air pollution control to almost any industrial process.

For particulars of the use of our systems within specific industrial areas please see the separate sector details below:

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